A New Opportunity

Welcome to the Art Express Box blog! In this blog I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas on all things arty.

As well as running Art Express, I also run Art Explorers which provides art classes after school (not so much at the moment, unfortunately!) and online (really good fun). I consider myself so lucky to work with lots of creative children who constantly inspire me with their ideas and unique take on the world. It was them I had in mind when I set up Art Express. They love to try out new materials and experiment with their possibilities. They like to be free to do their own thing but also appreciate guidance to help them improve their skills. In creating Art Express, I hope that I have built a method by which they can do this. Some children may want to just crack open the new materials and see what happens, some may look at the artist's work and have a go a creating their own version independently, some may prefer the more structured guidance of the video tutorials. All work will be celebrated. All children learn differently. My aim is for Art Express to celebrate this difference as well as bringing everyone together in a creative, encouraging and inspiring community.

Really, really looking forward to seeing the art!

Happy making,


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